Huawei CBS Release 5

CBS R5 Agile Business Expansion Flexible Billing for All Businesses
The proliferation of third-party services, applications, and contents, coupled with the emergence of new business models for MBB, MVNO, M2M, and cloud-based services, represents both a tremendous business expansion opportunity for operators and a tremendous challenge in terms of billing, which can now encompass anything from simple voice to quad-play, with the latter representing services beyond the traditional telco sphere (third-party multimedia, e-books, and even consumer goods). Pricing plans can range from simple to complex to unheard-of; flexibility is key, which is why Huawei has developed CBS R5, its latest convergent BSS billing solution.


CBS R5 enables “Agile Business Expansion, with flexible billing for all businesses.” Specifically, this encompasses three key operator business benefits – business agility, revenue growth & preservation, and cost efficiency.

Operators who respond swiftly to ever-changing market requirements and trends will grab the lion’s share of customer spending, but agility requires flexibility. CBS R5 offers both flexibility and configurability [(modular architecture for flexible distributed deployment, unified customer hierarchy, and flexible billing (custom bill formats, billing-on-demand, etc.)].

Agility is also enhanced through centralized operational management that efficiently oversees all billing operations, including charge processing, bill run and revenue audit; bill run for millions of subscribers can be completed in hours.

Among telcos, revenue growth largely is what it is and nothing more. To bring profits back into the equation, CBS R5 provides a full range of real-time charging models that range from voice & simple data to tiered charging, content charging, and policy-based charging. Innovative product bundling discounts can be fashioned quickly, while dynamic real-time discounts can also be offered, based on time of day and subscriber location.

Revenue growth is important, but so is leakage. CBS R5 provides end-to-end revenue assurance tools that minimize revenue loss caused by bill shock and service outages.

CBS R5’s components are pre-integrated to reduce total cost of ownership, while its conformance with industry standards protects your investment and reduces costs while enabling smooth BSS and IT transformation.

With the benefits it delivers, CBS R5 makes for an exceptional operational experience and user experience

Convergence as the foundation

Multi-dimensional convergence is the foundation of CBS R5, encompassing service convergence, billing convergence (including third-party services), payment method convergence, and customer convergence (individual, family, and enterprise customers all supported on a single platform).

With CBS R5, gone will be the frustration and cost of managing disparate silos, duplicated and un-synchronized customer & product data, and disjointed business processes.

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